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Start-Up Coaching

Start-ups gen­er­ate and live growth. Founders also have to grow into their lead­er­ship respon­si­bil­i­ties. On the job, they learn to hold the com­pa­ny togeth­er through growth-relat­ed changes and to inte­grate the most diverse ideas and personalities.

The chal­lenge here is to keep the focus on a peo­ple-friend­ly and val­ue-ori­ent­ed cor­po­rate culture.

This way, the com­pa­ny can grow organ­i­cal­ly and be sus­tain­ably successful.


Start-Up Coching.

Be suc­cess­ful. Mas­ter­ing growth. Remain human.

  • Togeth­er we analyse which val­ues have devel­oped in your start-up.
  • You clar­i­fy what lead­er­ship means for you and your employees.
  • You assess which behav­iour­al pat­terns and strate­gies have proven effec­tive for your start-up.
  • and become aware of how you can inspire your employ­ees for the com­ing change processes.