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New Stories

Describe your life in sto­ries. Because such sto­ries con­vey some­thing essen­tial about your val­ues​and attitudes.

Which of your beliefs or ideas about the world and peo­ple have changed in the last few months? What new expe­ri­ences have you had and how do you use them to cre­ate new sto­ries and realities?

Interactive, 2-hour webinar

Rewrite sto­ries.

Togeth­er. Cre­ative. Invigorating.

Here you reflect:

  • What is sto­ry­telling? And what makes it so effective?
  • Which of my ideas, expe­ri­ences and val­ues​have changed? What do I see in a dif­fer­ent light?
  • How do I cre­ate new sto­ries about myself? A prac­ti­cal exercise.