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Empathy and the power of recognition

Lead­ers often believe that a change of per­spec­tive is empa­thet­ic. But this idea falls short. Empa­thy means above all being able to share in the feel­ings and moods of anoth­er per­son. With the aim of being able to under­stand the oth­er per­son.

Empa­thy, by the way, increas­es one’s own health. This emo­tion­al intel­li­gence can be trained.


Empa­thy and the pow­er of recognition

Feel­ing. Strength­en­ing. Acknowledging.

  • You dis­tin­guish between emo­tion­al con­ta­gion and empathy.
  • You recog­nise how empath­ic you are in a self-check.
  • You will learn about the three lev­els of empa­thy and trans­fer them to your every­day life.
  • You will learn that empa­thy is the basis for effec­tive feedback.
  • You test the effects of empath­ic, hon­est recog­ni­tion in every­day life.